Emotional Evolution

For over 20 years of my life, I have consciously worked on self-healing. Freeing myself from the bondage of emotional turmoil and pain, has been my passion and commitment.  I suppose you could say it was a calling of sorts, something, that I had agreed to do as part of my life work. Being my own guinea pig, I learned things that no one could teach me. As a result, my understanding of the emotional aspects of human nature are profound.

It's important to remember that your emotional problems are not YOU, they are energy distortions and blocks. You can learn to clear them. Never let others make you feel bad about yourself.  Stay strong.  Don’t give up. You are precious and important.

Self-healing is holistic. It includes many things such as, diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, relationships, addiction healing, abuse healing, energetic clearing to name a few. But, what I know best is the healing of intense emotional pain that many suffer from. I hope that my life experiences and education will serve to assist you in finding your way to emotional freedom and evolution.   

Amoriyah Flowers M.R.E. 




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