Heart Wisdom

What you do externally is not as important as what you do internally. Of course, both are necessary – But, let your sincere intent come first and have good action follow that. Always come back to “Heart” Love. Make that your commitment, to live a life of true love, unconditional High Love.     ~ Amoriyah  9/22/09 

The Highest Truth is Love. Cultivate a life of joyful heart in all you do great and small. Teach Love by your example. Teach by your presence of peace. Be the full embodiment of all that delights your senses and brings you joy. ~Amoriyah 7/31/09 

Unconditional love is my “religion”. Love over-rides all existing belief systems, patriarchal ideas, religious concepts, initiations, and judgements. Divine Love, the well spring of eternal life, flows through us without end. There are no punishments only natural consequences to our choices     ~ Amoriyah ~ 7/20/09 



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