How to shift "bad" feelings

What can you do right now ~ to shift "bad" feelings into good ones?

1. BE FULLY AWARE that you are, in fact, stuck in feelings you don't want.

2.  ALLOW & ACCEPT the feelings without judging them.  

3.  STAY CONSCIOUS and OBSERVE the feelings while they are happening.


5.  ALLOW yourself to cry, make sounds or movements. 

6.  REALIZE that FEELINGS are ENERGY and can be SHIFTED. 

7.  BREATHE DEEPLY & SLOWLY into the feelings and your body.

8.  INHALE and GATHER the feelings (into an energy ball in your heart).

9.  EXHALE and EXPLODE the energy ball RELEASING the feelings. 

10. REPEAT THIS BREATHING release until you feel calm.

11.  BREATHE DEEPLY filling your body with shimmering, pastel, rainbow light.

13. UNDERSTAND that some things take repetition and time to fully clear. 

14. REPEAT as needed.

15. REFLECT upon negative beliefs/attitudes that triggered these feelings. 

16.  BE GENTLE and COMPASSIONATE with yourself. 

The longer you hold onto any thought/feeling, the more powerful it gets. Choose wisely. Take charge of your inner world ~ you have the power to change your reality.


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