Compassionate Counseling
Compassionate Counseling
Compassionate Counseling

Compassionate Counseling

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Compassionate Counseling & Readings

 via Skype or Phone!

Amoriyah offers a wealth of compassion, knowledge and depth of experience from her many years as a healer and intuitive guide.
She is also the creator of the Living-Light Oracle deck which she uses during many sessions.
Specializing in support for highly sensitive people and offering guidance for
relief of Anxiety, Depression and Grief.
From breakups to bad moods, if you are in search of clarity and healing in your life whether it be emotional, mental or physical, receiving a reading from Amoriyah is a great place to start your journey. In addition to insights and inspiration you will leave each session with practical techniques that are easy to use in your daily life.
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30 minutes for $40
 For longer sessions, please book time slots back-to-back.
*Once purchased, you'll receive an email containing a link to an appointment setting calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you.
Appointment time slots are based on EST (USA/Ohio)
Please adjust your appointment time to match YOUR time zone.
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