Amoriyah Flowers, Artist

 Amoriyah Flowers, M.R.E.

Amoriyah's credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and a Masters of Religious Education.


The Living-Light Oracle

In 1979, I had just graduated from the University of Cincinnati and was meditating twice daily, reading Carl Jung's books on mandalas and studying the "Course in Miracles". After my meditation practice one day, I began to receive automatic writings that looked like a foreign language. That was the beginning but it took many years before I was able to create the first Living-Light Oracle deck. 

Drawings such as these which I call “Living-Light Languages” were also created thousands of years ago. In Taoism, they were known as "magic diagrams" which  originated in shamanic-like practices. They were understood as trails of energy, pathways that helped move energy.

Through meditative focus, I allow a current of powerful, beautiful energy to express itself through me. I have many pages of script, such as the one above, and have extracted individual symbols from them to use on the front of each card in the Living-Light Oracle Decks.